Norwescon 33!

Oh, THAT’s where I left this blog.

(blows some dust off the cover)

Hello, everyone.  Since I last wrote about theme parks, I was laid off amicably from my position as Creative Director and Studio Head at iWin.  For nearly three years, they paid my salary as I built a studio and produced three games, of which two were released.  In spite of the horrible churn and minimal list of titles (both got awards and rave reviews, but didn’t sell), I consider myself fortunate in that I essentially was paid to learn how to be an entrepreneur.

And I am using all of those skills now.  I have formed a new company called 4 Bean Studios, and am developing a game called Traders’ Tales!  You can head over to those links to learn about the studio and the game, respectively.  I’ll continue talking about theme parks on this blog, too.

After the convention, naturally.


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