On making a Coconut Queen-like game

Hi, just some minor updates.

I came up with a more entertaining storyline.

I’ve been investigating costs and logistics for developing for tablets instead of desktops.

I’ve been looking at development platforms, and programmers. Sadly, I cannot hire anyone out of pocket.

I know someone who can help establish a Kickstarter campaign, but the numbers don’t look good. Celebrities and high-profile properties can break the $10,000 barrier, but Coconut Queen (and Andy Megowan, for that matter) are neither.

So I’m sorry, but it’s not currently looking good.

2 responses to “On making a Coconut Queen-like game

  1. HI Andy. I’m wondering with Kickstarter, because I truly don’t know, is there a penalty for launching an unsuccessful campaign? I mean, do you still get still with paying a lot of fees and such even if you don’t get funded? If not I think it may be at least worth a shot.

    I would support it and try to promote it and I know several others who would. Is it enough? Honestly I don’t know.

    I’m also not sure which platforms are harder and/or more expensive to develop for but even if you could just do something fairly barebones and minimalistic for the PC if you could get it on Steam it would hit the front page for a while on release and probably get a good amount of sales.

    I know a bunch of us on Steam have been playing Coconut Queen lately and thinking ‘gee I wish this was in HD and had Steam achievements’ etc so I think a sort of updated version of CQ even just for Steam would do fairly well, especially if it were a more male oriented variant.

    As I’m sure you know, there have been minimalistic games like Cthulhu Saves the World, which was basically just an RPG maker game, and Dear Esther, which is a graphical upgrade of a free mod and is hardly even a game, that did really well on Steam.

    They are starting Steam Greenlight next month where the users get to decide which games get in so that should also help a bit with the previously mysterious choice selection criteria to get in there.

    I totally understand all your reasons and they make sense to me, I just really love Coconut Queen and would really, really like to see a new updated game along the lines of it.

    There are very few casual games that have impressed me as much as Coconut Queen has. Even if you don’t ever get to make a follow up, thank you for that game.

  2. Ohhhh…. please keep trying and don’t give up…. YOU HAVE THE TALENT WE NEED IN GAME DEVELOPMENT!!

    I’ve been playing games since DOS and a member of BFG… the games NOW are horrid and SELDOM IF EVER STORY DRIVEN. YOU are what we need!!




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