Here are the products that I have worked on, and the capacity in which I contributed to them.

Kingdom Sweeper

Casual cross-platform game developed in Unity3D, a highly polished variant of Minesweeper crossed with an RPG. Playable for free now, and available on mobile devices Summer 2013.

Development Time: February 2013 – June 2013

Roles: Designer, Writer, Programmer


Deadwood Studios USA, the Mobile App

A mobile version of Cheapass Games’ remake of Deadwood, the award-winning boardgame, coming out Summer 2012. Developed in Unity3D


Development time: May 2013 – July 2013

Roles: Programmer, Designer

ZSpace: The Visible Heart


Developed in Unity3D  specifically for demonstrating the potential for ZSpace in a classroom setting. Using stereo 3D glasses and a 3D stylus, users can learn about and interact with an animated virtual 3D human heart, poking at it to learn detailed information, feel the heart beat through their hand, pick it up and inspect it–while beating!–from all angles, and turn the chambers to glass to see what’s going on inside.

Released: February 16, 2013

Development Time: August 2012 – February 2013

Roles: Project Manager, Designer, Senior Programmer

Other ZSpace Applications included:

  • ZSpace Missile Command
  • Crate&Barrel Virtual Furniture Lab
  • SpaceDock
  • CubeMaze
  • Balloon Pop
  • The ZSpace Experience (trade show demo)

SMALLab, the Embodied Learning System

One of a handful of contract engineers working with Unity3D combined with a custom hardware rig for sensing human interaction and projecting visuals on to a floor.

Development time: March 2011 – June 2011

Role: Contract Developer

Marvel Super Hero Squad Online

Type: Browser-based Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game for kids 8-12.

Released: Open Beta March 2011

Development time: My involvement was August 2010 to March 2011.

Roles: Contract Engineer

Now open to the public! I was a one-man strike team, serving in 4 departments over 7 months handling: User Interfaces, low-level systems, card game logic and visuals, game world features, localization, system settings, mini-game transitions, and more.

Traders’ Tales

Type: Pirate-themed social strategy game of trading, sailing, and sea battles

Released: Canceled

Development time: Began January 2010

Roles: Designer, Programmer, Project Manager, Creative Director

Currently in development.  I designed the game, coded the flash prototype, assembled an international team of over a dozen people, and am currently looking for investors to allow me to finish the game.

Coconut Queen

Type: Casual Realtime Strategy (Build-A-Lot style) on a modern tropical island

Released: August 2009

Development time: 1 year

Roles: Producer, Designer, Programmer, Writer, Creative Director

Recognition: Editor’s Choice on JayIsGames.com 2009, Editor’s Choice on Gamezebo.com 2009

Coconut Queen has become a huge influence on social games, setting a style and pacing often copied by the largest players in the social space.

Garden Defense

Type: Tower Defense, themed to suburban yards

Released: November 2007

Development time: 7 months

Roles: Producer, Designer, Programmer, Writer, Creative Director

Recognition: Editor’s Choice on Gamezebo.com 2007, cloned for the iPhone game “Garden War”

Westward Series

Type: Real-Time strategy settling the Wild West

Released: Summer 2006

Development time: 11 months

Roles: Producer, Designer, Programmer, Writer, Creative Director

Recognition: Expanded to a multimillion dollar 5-game franchise with expansion packs, ported to Mac, Flash, and mobile devices

Tradewinds Series

Cake Mania Series

S.N.A.I.L. Mail

Super Granny Series

Dragon Maze

Super Slyder Series



TRON 2.0

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